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Smoke alarms: British Sign Language video

A new video released by Essex County Fire and Rescue Service gives deaf communities advice on how to stay safe by getting and regularly testing a smoke alarm.

The video continues the engagement the Service is carrying out with deaf people across the County which includes a series of British Sign Language fire safety videos, deaf community open days at stations and the Essex Fire Museum and partnership work with deaf organisations in Essex and beyond.

It features profoundly deaf fire cadet Grace Gilmore who uses British Sign Language to deliver a safety message about how important it is to have, and regularly test, smoke alarms in the home.

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service fit free smoke alarms, including sensory alarms for the deaf, as part of a free home fire safety visit.

Paul Pemberton, Community Safety, said: “We, as a Service, are working hard to make sure that our safety messages reach as many people as possible and we are making a special effort to reach the deaf community through these subtitled British Sign Language videos.

“Smoke alarms are proven life savers and we are working to ensure that every home in the county has the excellent protection they offer. They alert you at the first sign of fire giving everyone in the house all the time they need to get out.

“We fit smoke alarms, including sensory alarms, completely free of charge so get in touch and make sure you’re protected.”

To arrange a free home fire safety visit call us on 0300 303 0088 or fill in the form found here.

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