Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Severe weather warning - West Mersea evacuation plan

Essex Police have issued the following information regarding the risk of flooding and evacuation plan for West Mersea:

Colchester Borough Council’s Zone service for West Mersea will be calling on houses this evening, Thursday, that may be at risk of flooding and advising of an evacuation plan.

Following information from the Met Office and the Environment Agency Essex Police and its partners have decided to provide somewhere for residents in houses which could potentially be affected by flooding to evacuate to.

Should residents need one a rest centre at the Mica Centre, 38a High Street, West Mersea CO5 8QA, will be open from 8am on Friday, January 13.

Residents may also choose to leave Mersea and stay with friends elsewhere until the weather improves.
Colchester Borough Council has also established a further rest centre at Leisure World in Cowdray Avenue should it be required.

Police will be ensuring between 10am and 3pm tomorrow, Friday that no one crosses The Strood while it is high tide and the road is underwater.

We continue to advise residents in flood risk areas to:

  • Work with local officers to ensure they follow advice and direction given about evacuations
  • Pack a bag of clothes and have any essential medical items ready for when you need to leave home
  • Ensure any valuables and/or expensive electrical items, such as televisions, are stored in higher areas in your home should there be a flood
  • Contact friends or relatives who live outside of the risk area, to see if there is somewhere else you can stay


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