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Service launch Portable Cooking Demonstrators

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service (ECFRS) has launched a new education tool to help reduce kitchen fires in Essex.

Eight new Portable Cooking Demonstrators (PCD) will be used across the County to highlight to members of the public the dangers associated with cooking, which is major cause of house fires in Essex.

In the last three years, firefighters in Essex have been called to more than 1,500 fires which started in the kitchen. These account for 74 per cent of all house fires in the County.

ECFRS’s Community Builder Lee Markwick said:

“Kitchens are a major flashpoint for fires. More house fires start in the kitchen than any other room so we have launched these new demonstrators to make people aware of just how important it is to stay safe in the kitchen.

“The demonstration will highlight the dangers of leaving cooking unattended due to distraction, the importance of keeping cookers and hobs clean and the impact of pouring water onto boiling oil. The educational message provided in the demonstrations will hopefully make people think more about how they can make sure they are safe in their own kitchens”.

“These demonstrators will also help promote and support our recently launched kitchen safety campaign What’s burning in your kitchen which is currently being displayed on the backs of buses on some of the busiest routes in the County.”

For more information about how you can stay safe in your kitchen, see our advice here: kitchen fire safety.

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