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Register your home appliances

Have you ever checked if your fridge, tumble dryer or washing machine have been recalled for safety reasons?

It happens more often than you might think – and today’s the day you find out how you can keep your peace of mind that your kitchen appliances are safe.

Register My Appliance Day (16 January) is all about making consumers aware of, a website which allows you to simply list the details of the appliances you own in order to be alerted if ever manufacturers become aware of an issue.

Earlier this month, we attended a fire at a home in Basildon that had been caused after a tumble dryer caught alight.

While the homeowner suffered smoke inhalation, they were fortunate the situation did not become more serious.

So - how can you be sure that it doesn’t happen to you? lets you put in the your appliance model info and contact details so that, should there ever be safety issues around your white goods, you’re aware and can safely send them off for recall.

You can register appliances that are up to 12 years old, with almost all typical manufacturers.

Put simply – you wouldn’t leave your car unchecked for safety issues, so why ignore potential risks in the comfort of your own home?

Register your appliance today.


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