Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Presentation for Luke

Luke Quin was presented with a special certificate by Deputy Chief Fire Officer Adam Eckley after he put fire safety lessons into practice raising the alarm when he saw smoke coming from a neighbour's house on his way home from school.

Switched on Luke, 12, from Marks Tey, had just had a lesson in fire safety at Honywood School so when he saw smoke coming out of a bungalow that same day he knew exactly what to do. He raised the alarm and crews were able to get to the bungalow quickly and prevent serious damage.

Fire crews from Colchester attending the incident praised Luke’s action and invited him to the fire station as a reward for him putting into action what he had learned at school. At the station he was presented with his award by DCFO Eckley, Education Officer Lisa Mitson and Colchester Fire Station's Crew.

Luke's mum Kay said: “I'm so proud of Luke. It's not every 12 year-old who would have done what he did. He knew just what to do and he helped make sure that fire didn't cause more damage.

“The neighbour whose house had the fire has given Luke a thank-you card and reward, which was really nice of him. Now Luke has been given this presentation at the fire station which is fantastic.”

The incident was triggered by cooking left unattended in a kitchen. More than half of all fires in Essex start in the kitchen, with cooking the most common cause. Distraction is a deadly danger….don’t be the killer in your kitchen.

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