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Options for Change: sign language video

A new video uses British Sign Language to explain exactly what Essex County Fire and Rescue Service are consulting people about.

The video takes the deaf community that use British Sign Language through the Options for Change Consultation Document explain the drivers for change and the three options the Service is proposing for the future.

The Service is currently undertaking its largest and most far reaching consultation as it gets ready to face the challenges the future holds. In the coming years the Service is likely to see the work it does in prevention and protection increase while the number of incidents it attends continues to decline.

Three options for change have been put forward. They all contain a number of common factors including £3 million of extra investment in prevention and protection, additional savings of over £2m from support functions. No fire station closures are proposed.

Paul Pemberton, ECFRS Impairment and Disability Officer, said: “Work preventing incidents from happening will be an important part of what we do in the future and to do this effectively we need to engage with all communities in Essex and make sure their needs are properly catered for.

“This video will give deaf communities who communicate through British Sign language a chance to make sure that they have their say in our future so that we can make sure that we are here to help as many people as possible in the future.

“I would encourage British Sign language users to watch the video, learn about our consultation and take part by filling in the survey.”

To learn more and take part in the consultation visit the ECFRS website here.

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