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Off duty firefighter saves the day

An off duty Halstead firefighter took charge at the scene of a road collision which left a toddler trapped under a car.

Leading Firefighter Lee Bacon of Halstead Fire Station had dropped a friend off at Tesco, Witham, when he saw a commotion and ran over to see if he could help.

Lee said: “I knew there was something wrong because everyone was gathering at the edge of the road, I rolled my window down to ask what was happening and someone told me that there had been a road collision and that a boy was trapped under a car.

“I ran over to help and my training immediately kicked in. I knew what do because of my work as a firefighter so I took charge of the scene as our crews were on the way.

“People were trying to lift the car but it was too heavy so they could only lift it a little bit before dropping it again. I told everyone to let go of the car and step back, I reached under to see how the boy was and I felt him squeeze my finger so I knew he was alive and responsive.

“I sent one of the onlookers to go car to car and find a jack so we could safely lift the car. Once I had the jack we got the car up and I was able to reach under and pull him safely out.

“His mum was absolutely frantic so I stayed with the two of them calming her down and making sure he was OK before handing him over to Ambulance crews when they arrived.

“As soon I saw what was going on my training just kicked in and I knew to stay calm and take charge. The boy had a bad knock to the head but it looked like he was going to be OK. I was just glad to be able to help.”

ECFRS were called to the incident at 12:04hrs. Two appliances from Witham were sent but Lee had released the boy before they arrived so crews did not have to take any action.

The boy, who sustained serious head injuries, was airlifted to hospital.


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