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New emergency resource book launched at ECFRS's headquarters

Today (Monday, November 23), Essex County Rescue and Fire Service hosted the launch of emergency resource book, ‘What If..? I Have Autism’.

The University of East London, in collaboration with Essex Civil Protection and Emergency Management, has developed a series of emergency preparation resources specially designed for people with autism.

Part of the resources includes an image-led book, which has been designed to help autistic people prepare for an emergency event such as a flood or fire.

The launch of the book at ECFRS’s headquarters also included the release of new In Case of Emergency (ICE) cards.

The cards provide details of how people with autism may react in an emergency situation. They offer guidance to ensure emergency responders are best informed.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Paul Hill said: “The Service visited over 80 per cent of schools and nearly 120,000 school children last year, teaching them what to do in an emergency.

“Today’s launch of the ‘What If – I’m Autistic’ material, which is part of a wider ‘What If’ campaign, will help us provide this same safety message for pupils with autism across Essex.”

To view the project website visit

Photo: Rosanna Briggs (ECPEM) talks at the launch of 'What If..? I Have Autusm

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