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National Sprinkler Week: February 3 to 10

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is urging people to think sprinkler during National Sprinkler Week between February 3 and 10.

Sprinkler systems are by far the most effective tool in helping prevent a fire from developing,  save lives and can reduce the cost of fire damage in a home or business by thousands of pounds.

The Service has pledged £250,000 to help make sure that the homes where the most vulnerable people live are protected by sprinkler systems.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Paul Hill said: “Sprinklers are proven life savers, there are no recorded cases of multiple fire deaths in premises where sprinklers are fitted.

“Sprinklers activate and suppress the fire immediately, preventing fire from spreading and limiting the damage caused by fire.

“We are demonstrating our commitment to the benefits of sprinklers by providing funding to help install sprinklers in the homes of the highest risk of fire.

The £250,000 will be used to provide match funding to fit sprinkler systems and protect the most vulnerable people in the County. The funding is available to Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Charities. Those at highest risk will be given priority access to the fund.

Applications can be made to the Service. A desktop assessment indicates sprinklers are an appropriate solution and the current position warrants further investigation then an ECFRS Fire Engineer will visit to assess suitability for the fitting of sprinklers.

If the Fire Engineer’s report and the application is approved you will be informed in writing of how much you will be awarded. The maximum award will be 50% of the cost. Grants will be paid within 30 days of a final inspection by ECFRS to ensure that the system is installed to the correct standard.

Use the form on this page to apply for match funding.

Sprinkler Myth Buster

There are some common misconceptions about sprinklers that might put you off:

If one sprinkler goes off, so do the rest, causing water damage in the whole building. False – Only the sprinklers in the area of the fire will go off, preventing the fire from spreading to other rooms.

They go off when there isn’t a fire. The chances of this are rare, modern sprinklers will not go off unless they’re exposed to the kind of extreme temperatures generated by a fire, burning your toast won’t do it.

Sprinklers are unsightly and so unsuitable for the home. Wrong again – modern sprinklers can be made to blend with your walls and ceiling.

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