Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Multi-agency exercise at Lakeside

A multi-agency exercise at Lakeside shopping centre has helped test Essex Fire and Rescue Service’s response to an emergency involving numerous casualties.

More than 60 firefighters and specialists from the Service took part in the exercise at Intu Lakeside shopping centre on Sunday (February 28) which alongside police officers and ambulance service paramedics.

During the six-hour simulation, mixed teams of fire service and ambulance personnel treated and rescued dozens of ‘casualties’ throughout the shopping centre.

The exercise, which involved a total of over 700 volunteers, was set up as part of ongoing national emergency planning.

Senior Divisional Officer Bob Wahl, who helped co-ordinate the exercise, said: “It was a huge success and will assist in confirming the training that  our crews have been undertaking for this type of major incidents across the County.

“The exercise required a quick and effective response to a large rescue that involved fire, police and ambulance services. Training for major incidents like this not only tests the capabilities of the Service, it also helps make Essex a safer place to live.

“I would like to thank Intu Lakeside for allowing us to use their facilities and the hundreds of volunteers many from our Service who gave up their time to allow us to train for such a major exercise.”


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