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Motorcyclists safer after FireBike success

A special course that helps reduce motorcycle accidents on the County’s roads has been endorsed by Europe’s largest gay biking club.

Riders from the Gay Bikers Motorcycle Club, which has 350 members across the continent, were given advanced riding skills advice from Essex County Fire and Rescue Service’s specialist FireBike team.

The group of 12 from the Essex branch of the club took part in an advanced machine skills course at our training centre in Wethersfield.

Motorcyclists are one of the most vulnerable road users on Essex roads, and despite comprising just 1% of traffic, motorcyclists are involved in over 25% of all road traffic collisions resulting in death or serious injury.

Andy Strougler, ECFRS Road Traffic Collision Reduction Manager, said: “The Gay Bikers Motorcycle Club has a number of members who ride in and around Essex. When the club enquired about learning additional road skills to protect its members, we were quick to assist them.

“Our advanced safety course greatly improves steering, braking and riders teach key emergency avoidance techniques.

“The skills they have taken away will help improve their safety on the road. The skills we teach on the Course are essential to improve rider safety. We would like to thank all the participants for taking the time to help make Essex’s roads safer.”

FireBike is run by Essex County Fire and Rescue Service’s dedicated motorcycle safety scheme that aims to reduce the number of riders who are killed or seriously injured on the County’s roads.

The FireBike team engage with riders and encourage them to undertake further training through two specific courses – the Better Biking Course and the Advanced Machine Skills Course.

*Essex County Fire and Rescue Service will be attending Essex Pride, in Chelmsford, on Saturday, July 9. Come celebrate by talking to a member of our Community Safety Team in the Market Place.

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