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Lifesaving defibrillator at Leigh Fire Station in memory of Sir David Amess

The memory of the late Sir David Amess MP has been marked in a special way at Leigh Fire Station thanks to the donation of a lifesaving defibrillator from a local football team.

The Leigh Rockets, who play at Blenheim Park just behind the fire station in Blenheim Chase, have donated £1700 to pay for the life saving device from their club funds and asked if it could be installed on the outside wall of the fire station so that it is accessible to the local community 24/7.

Sir David was a firm supporter of Leigh Fire Station and fire and rescue services generally and the crews wanted to mark his memory in a fitting way, so asked the club and local councillors if it could be installed in his name.

Leigh Station Manager Mark Elliott said: “It’s connected to a national circuit and when someone dials 999, they will be directed to it if they are nearby and talked through how to use it. We are all first aid trained and here 24/7 so it made sense to have it here and available. I’d like to thank Leigh Rockets for being so community minded and coming up with this excellent idea that we are pleased to support.”

Ian Ramsey, chair of Leigh Rockets, said: “We purchased the defibrillator from club funds as research shows that 90 per cent of cardiac arrests in young athletes happen either during or immediately after exercise. By performing CPR and using a defibrillator you can help double the chances of survival. It’s important for us as a football club to have one but we wanted it to be available to all, and not just when we use the park at the weekend. We approached Leigh Fire Station who kindly offered to fit the device and maintain it for us.”

Councillor Helen Boyd said: “It’s a lovely idea to have a memorial to Sir David at the fire station which he always enjoyed visiting, especially something that will bring so much benefit to local residents.”

Councillor Steve Buckley said: “Sir David was a great supporter of youth sports and the fire service, so this is a fitting tribute.”







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