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Is your home properly protected by smoke alarms?

Did you know that around half of the UK’s house fires aren’t detected by smoke alarms?

The most common reason for that is because the fire is out of range – as many homeowners believe having just one smoke alarm is enough to protect their whole property.

Most people understand the importance of smoke alarms. The vital early warning of a fire they give allows for a much greater chance of damage limitation and, crucially, safe escape.

But despite that you should never assume having one alarm in your home is enough. Instead, you should have one on every level of your home.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Dave Bill said: “Smoke alarms so often prove to be the difference between a safe exit and a life-threatening situation. They give you early warning so you have time to get out, stay out and call the fire service out. There really is no excuse for not having one as we fit them completely free of charge."

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is committed to its aim of having 100% of homes in Essex with a working smoke alarm.

Around 90,000 homes across Essex are still without one – meaning they are even more vulnerable to the often preventable spread of fire within their house or flat.

If you would like a FREE smoke alarm contact us to book a home safety visit. You can book online: or call 0300 303 0088.


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