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IRMP Consultation Results

The first stage of Essex County Fire and Rescue Service’s biggest ever public consultation has revealed that there is support for the Service embracing a greater role in prevention while ensuring that a strong response remains at the core of the work carried out.

The Integrated Risk Management Plan Consultation Document addressed key issues facing the Service as it prepares to face the challenges the next five years are likely to bring. The information learned from responses to this consultation will now be used to help create a series of specific options for change which will be consulted on in the New Year.

Throughout the consultation period, which ran from June 15 to September 6,  572 people shared their opinion on how they would like to see the Service set its priorities for the future.

There was strong support for the Service’s preventative work with the vast majority of respondents backing proposals to install a smoke alarm in 100% of homes, to deliver safety messages to every school child in Essex and working with drivers to reduce deaths and injuries on the roads with good support for the Service working with partners to tackle wider social issues and promoting the installation of sprinkler systems.

Proposed changes to standard response times also received support as did proposals for the Service to make greater use of technology.

There was less support for proposals for change which would result in a reduction of operational resources.

Acting Chief Fire Officer Adam Eckley said: “We would like to thank everyone who took part in the IRMP consultation. Everything we’ve learned will be very useful to us as we go forward to the next stage of consultation which will look at more specific proposals for change.

“This was an important first step in the biggest consultation we have ever undertaken. Over the next five years we expect to see huge changes in the way we work and the environment we operate in. By planning now we can make sure that we are ready to face that challenge.

“There is still an opportunity for everyone to get involved in helping us create the options for change as we are asking for your ideas as part of the process.”

Details of how to give us your Big Ideas for the future will be available on our website shortly.

The full details of the responses to the IRMP Consultation are available here under agenda item six

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