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Help young people turn their lives around

An innovative crowd funding scheme is giving everyone the chance to help transform lives and create a brighter future for vulnerable young people.

By pledging money backers can help fund a Firebreak course and give a group of young people the skills and motivation to help get their lives back on the right track.

Firebreak uses the training firefighters undertake to develop participants' skills in working together, building their confidence, teaching them the value of team work and accepting responsibility as they undertake a series of challenging tasks including using the Service’s powerful hose reels, wearing specialist breathing apparatus, climbing ladders and rescuing people trapped in buildings.  

The course has been running for more than a decade and has helped thousands of young people to recognise what they are capable of and teach them how they can reach their full potential.

It has proven to be so successful that Firebreak courses have been expanded into all areas of society and now the Service works with youth offenders, young people in troubled families, the disabled, unemployed and a number of charities.

With pledges starting from £10 backers can play a part in making young lives better and improving outcomes for at risk young people.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Paul Hill, Safer Communities, said: “Our Firebreak courses have a proven track record of helping young people turn their lives around. This crowdfunding campaign gives everyone a chance to play a part in that success and know that they have done something to help someone.

“By all giving a little we can come together to achieve a great deal and for the young people involved this course could make all the difference so please back Firebreak and help us improve young people’s lives.”

Last year Essex County Fire and Rescue Service held 64 Firebreak courses which 742 young people completed.

Each course costs £4,000 to run. Pledges for the scheme start at £10 and go all the way up to £4,000 to fund an entire course.

To find out more about funding Firebreak visit the Crowdfunder website at: The campaign runs until December 15, all money pledged will be used to help hold firebreak courses.

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