Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Halloween: spooky safety

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is warning people to take care and make sure that they enjoy a safe Halloween.

As jack-o-lanterns are lit and costumes donned by trick-or-treaters across the county it is important to make sure that safety is in mind on the spookiest night of the year.

Divisional Officer Stuart McMillan, Community Safety, said: “Every year on Halloween many adults and children are injured in accidents where lighted candles or fireworks have come into contact with costumes.

“These costumes can be extremely flammable, especially if they involve plastic bin liners, so it is important to take extra care with naked flames.

“Pumpkin lanterns can also be dangerous. It is important to make sure that candles in them are properly secured and that the lanterns are fully extinguished when no one is in the room.”

It is also important to bear in mind that not everyone enjoys a visit from trick-or-treaters and young people should take care to make sure that their fun is not frightening or intimidating.

Essex Police have issued this advice for trick-or-treaters 

They have also created a 'no trick-or-treaters' poster for those that do not want to be bothered by trick-or-treaters. It can be downloaded here 

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