Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Getting advice where it's needed most

Over the last year nearly 20,000 homes most at risk of fire have been given safety advice thanks to Essex County Fire and Rescue Service’s Targeted Intervention scheme.

The scheme sees officers visiting homes which are most likely to have a fire.

Using information from previous incidents and sophisticated statistical data, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service create maps of the areas in which homes are most likely to have fires, even identifying specific addresses where fire is most likely to strike. Those homes are then visited by Community Safety Officers who make sure they get the help and advice they need.

In the first 12 months of the scheme the team have completed 19,655 targeted intervention visits which led to them talking to 7,227 people, home fire safety advice was left in 11,161 homes and the Service has carried out 1,305 home fire safety visits following targeted interventions.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Paul Hill, said: “We have analysed years’ worth of data on fires to develop an in depth picture of the people most at risk of fire and the kind of homes they live in. We have used that data to identify the homes in the County which match this ‘at risk’ criteria and, over the last year, have been targeting them with information and home fire safety visits.

“In that time we have made more than 1,300 of these homes safer by carrying free home fire safety visits, including fitting a free smoke alarm, and given advice and information to 19,655 households.

“As a public service we have increasingly limited resources so we have to work smarter to make sure that we achieve maximum impact in reducing fire and the numbers of people killed and injured in fires in their homes.

“After an evaluation of the scheme we are very pleased with the outcome and we will be continuing this work over at least the next 12 months.”

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service offers free home fire safety visits, which includes fitting smoke alarms, to all homes in the county. To arrange a free home fire safety visit call on 0300 303 0088. or fill in the online form found here

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