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Flood warning update

Essex Police and its partners are working hard to prepare for the severe flooding alerts which are expected to hit the coasts of Essex during the night.

Police officers are knocking on doors in areas that need to be evacuated to ensure that residents are aware of the floods and that they should be evacuating.

They are also building up a picture of where people are who are refusing to leave their homes.

Officers are also carrying out high visibility patrols in the areas that have been evacuated.

A rest centres has now been set up at the Clacton County High School. There will not be a rest centres at Clacton Coastal Academy or Clacton Leisure Centre. This is a change to the information previously released. The rest centres will have GPs and representatives from the Red Cross in attendance. Essex County Council has information on its website about school openings.

Essex Police and its partners would like to stress that this is a serious flooding threat to areas in northern Essex and to take the threat seriously. If people are being asked to move from their homes it is for a good reason and for residents own safety.

Superintendent Trevor Roe of Essex Police said: “There will be flooding on coastal areas in northern Essex. I would urge all residents to take this flooding threat seriously and take notice of the advice from the emergency services.”

A dedicated hotline for the floods has been set up on 0800 0961233. The latest information is also available via the Essex Police website on


Teams are in place to receive the first evacuees from Jaywick when they arrive at Clacton County High School (CCHS) which has been set up as a rest centre for those who could be affected by flooding on the Tendring coastline tonight.

Residents from more than 60 streets around Jaywick have been advised to leave their homes as part of an evacuation of properties identified to be at risk.

The evacuation is being carried out by Essex Police and their partners while Tendring District Council (TDC) has set up the rest centre at the school.

CCHS has agreed to take around 1,000 people if necessary and will be closed to pupils tomorrow to accommodate the Jaywick residents.

June Clare, TDC’s Corporate Director for Public Experience, said that the Council has been closely monitoring the situation and the weather warnings over the past week and has put preparations in place.

“Once the severe weather warning was declared and the decision taken to evacuate residents from Jaywick we swung into action with our plans to set up a rest centre manned by our staff,” she said.

“We also have other sites – such as Clacton Leisure Centre – ready should we need to use them.

“We are keen to reassure people that, like the other emergency services and organisations involved, we have well-rehearsed contingency arrangements in place to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents.”

Mrs Clare said the situation will continue to be monitored carefully and the Council is working with its partners to provide for those residents affected by any flooding.

The rest centres will have medical professionals available on site.

Residents in all coastal areas could find themselves at risk of flooding and are advised to follow the flooding advice on the Essex Police website

Essex Police and its partners have set up a dedicated hotline that people can call for information and the number is 0800 0961233.

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