Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


First Stage of Consultation comes to an end

The first stage of the public consultation which will set the future direction for Essex County Fire and Rescue Service came to an end on Sunday.

Work will take place to analyse and review the results of the consultation which will be presented to the Essex Fire Authority.

The Integrated Risk Management Plan Consultation, which started on June 15 involved nearly 600 people and other organisations sharing their views and opinions on the principles which will guide the proposals for change in the second stage of the consultation which is due to start in the New Year.

Acting Chief Fire Officer Adam Eckley said: “We would like to thank everyone who has taken part in the first stage of the largest consultation the Service has ever carried out. All of the feedback we have received will be analysed and will help us create proposals for change which we will then consult on in January 2016.

“This consultation has looked at major issues including response times, investment in technology and the best way to balance resources and demand.

“This is not the end of our engagement and we will build on what we have learned. We hope to hear from even more people when we launch the second round of consultation next year.”

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