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Fire service responds to hundreds of incidents over the weekend

The hot weather means we’ve been extremely busy over the past few days, dealing with around double the number of incidents we would be normally called to.

Here are our statistics from between 6pm on Friday and 9am today (Monday), compared to the same dates for the previous three years:

  • Our Control teams have received 586 calls (including duplicates), compared to an average of 242 
  • Those calls related to 296 incidents, compared to an average of 166
  • Crews were sent to 248 incidents, compared to an average of 124  

Some of these incidents have been large field and grass fires.

Please help us during this hot weather to do as much as you can to prevent fires from happening.

Follow our advice below:

The most common causes of grass fires are cigarettes, barbecues and discarded glass bottles.

Cigarettes dropped on dry grass that have not been properly extinguished or cigarettes thrown from car windows can start a fire. Many roads are banked by or near to grassland, and these can be easily set on fire by a cigarette in dry weather. 

Barbecues can cause fires when smouldering ash and embers are carried by the wind onto areas of dry grass. Disposable barbecues that have been discarded and abandoned can also cause fires as they will continue to retain heat after use – they should be cooled before being properly disposed of.

Glass left in parks or on embankments can start fires too. Glass can magnify the sun and start a fire. 

If you see dry grass smouldering, please call 999 and report it immediately to prevent the fire from spreading! 

Did you know we typically see an increase in deliberate fires during summer months? You can help us to prevent them by getting in touch with FireStoppers. 

Managed by CrimeStoppers, FireStoppers is an anonymous way to report what you know about deliberate fire setting in your area. It’s not for reporting any blame, it’s for us to prevent the fires from happening.

You can call FireStoppers on 0800 169 5558 or report online.

Page last updated 18 July, 2022

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