Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Fire Investigation students at Wethersfield

A group of 13 forensics students from Anglia Ruskin University took part in a special fire investigation exercise at the Wethersfield Fire Investigation Training Facility last week.

The students were given the opportunity to investigate how a fire in lock-up started with tutors Station Officer David Hadjicostas and Sub Officer Andre Turner playing the roles of witnesses and the lock-up owner as the investigation took place.

Station Officer Hadjicostas said: “The students are doing BA, MA and PhD courses and we thought that this would give them a great opportunity to get hands on with a real fire.

“This facility has been the scene of a great many fire and we know if the students are getting to the truth because we know exactly how the fire started, after all we are the ones who started it!”

Course tutor Dr Sarah Hall, who brought the students to the facility, said: “This facility is incredibly useful for our students, it is the only way we can give them practical experience of everything they learn about in the classroom.

“There is no other way that students can interact with a real fire in this way.

“We are very grateful to all of the team here for giving us this opportunity. It is a unique facility which we are very happy to be able to use with our students.”

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