Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Fire Empower - helping people turn their lives around

A group of unemployed people have taken the first steps to turn their lives around attending a special Firebreak course which helps people improve their employment prospects.

The week long course at Clacton Fire Station concluded with a pass out ceremony, with participants presented with certificates and an accreditation.

It is the first stage of the latest Fire Empower course. Working with the Department for Works and Pensions the Service uses firefighting training to help them turn their lives around.

Instructors will give students special training over the next five weeks to help them get back into employment including interview and CV preparation.

Students took part in a variety of challenges included using powerful hose reels, wearing specialist breathing apparatus, climbing ladders and rescuing people trapped in buildings.

Sub Officer Peter Mountier, lead instructor, said: “The group have been fantastic. They have really excelled themselves and should be proud of their achievements.

“They have shown maturity, initiative, communications skills and great team work.

“We have seen students turn their lives around after passing the course. We look forward to helping even more in the future.”

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