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Essex resident has lucky escape from flat fire

Last week Essex firefighters were called to a flat fire in Southend which had started after a chip pan was accidentally left on. The resident, who has hearing loss, was asleep at the time so was not aware her flat was filling with smoke. Luckily, a neighbour heard the smoke alarm sounding and called 999.

Paul Pemberton, ECFRS’s Impairment and Disability Officer said:

“This incident shows how important it is for people with hearing loss to have the right equipment to help protect them from fire at home.

“Luckily, the neighbour heard the smoke alarm and raised the alarm, which undoubtedly saved her life. But we are urging everyone with hearing loss to make sure they have the right kind of smoke alarm fitted in their home.”

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service provide sensory smoke alarms for people with hearing loss. These alarms are connected wirelessly to a vibrating pad placed under the pillow that operates jointly with the alarm sounding.

The fire service will also help to provide extra assistance to anyone whose needs are not met by the current equipment and will work with the sensory equipment service providers throughout Essex to ensure that they have the best protection.

If you, or someone you know, do not have a working smoke alarm or an alarm to suit your hearing requirements, contact us about a free home fire safety visit. During these visits, our specially training technicians will be able to fit your smoke alarm and give you advice to become safer in your home.

To book a FREE home fire safety visit and for more fire safety information visit our website or call us on: 0300 303 0088.

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