Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Essex dog team joins search effort in Didcot

Search and rescue dog team Graham Currie and Kirby joined search teams at Didcot Power Station last night.

They were one of four dog search teams which joined the search efforts following the collapse of Didcot Power Station yesterday afternoon. They returned to Essex this morning.

Graham, who is part of the Service's Urban Search and Rescue team based at Lexden, said: “We were called at around 11pm on Tuesday to go and join the search teams at Didcot. We were one of four dog teams who carried searches of the site overnight as the rescue effort continues.

“The scene there is one of total devastation. The collapsed building covers an area of 600 metres by 50 metres and in places the rubble is 10 metres tall. I have never seen anything like it before.

“The dogs carried out a search of the rubble looking for signs of life. None of us found anything but I know the rescue effort is on-going.

“We train for events just like this. When we got the call I was glad that we could play a part in helping after such a terrible event.”

Kirby is an eight year-old English Springer Spaniel. He and Graham have been working as a search and rescue dog team since 2012.

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