Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


ECFRS team up with scrap car company to support RTC training

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service has joined up with a local scrap company to provide vehicles for road traffic collision (RTC) training.

Benfleet Scrap Ltd, who has several sites across Essex, will provide the Service with scrap cars meaning our crews can practice their rescue techniques.

ECFRS’s Sub Officer Kevin Mitson said:

“These cars are a valuable asset to us for our training. Suitable scrap vehicles are hard to come by as they have to be drained of pollutants, so to have these vehicles delivered to us ready to use is fantastic.

“It is vital our firefighters are trained regularly to deal with potentially life-saving rescues. The Service works extremely hard to prevent RTCs through a number of initiatives including FireCar and FireBike, but when they do happen we have to be prepared to deal with them the best we can.

“Through this partnership, every firefighter in Essex will have access to one of these scrap cars on their stations. This means each station can build RTC exercises into their training schedule and use on a regular basis.”

Daryll Theedom from Benfleet Scrap Ltd said:

“We are extremely happy to be working with Essex County Fire and Rescue Service and providing them with scrap vehicles for their road traffic collision training. We understand how important their training is, and so we are pleased to help them make their training as realistic as possible.”

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