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ECFRS moving to halt fire risk at dump site in Colchester

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is working with partners to prevent any further wood being dumped on a site in Colchester amid fears that it could become another huge blaze.

The site in Hawkins Road, Colchester has started to be used as a dumping ground for scrap wood with lorries arriving and leaving behind loads of wood in the yard, which is in a residential area surrounded by homes and business.

The Service is now moving to serve a prohibition notice prohibiting waste wood from being dumped on the site.

ECFRS is acting to prevent the site from becoming a huge fire risk like the woodpile in Thoby lane, Mountnessing, which has now been burning for more than 12 days.

Senior Divisional Officer Julian Ashley said: “We have been made aware of this site and are putting plans in place to prevent potentially thousands of tonnes of wood being dumped on the site so it does not become another Thoby Lane.

“The notice will prohibit the site operators and any other businesses from using the site to store or dispose of scrap materials until they can demonstrate to us that they have satisfactory fire prevention measures in place to protect the site, its neighbours and the environment

“We are working to nip this in the bud and stop this site developing into a huge fire risk while it is still in its early stages.”

A spokesperson from the Environment Agency said: “We continue to work with the fire service on any site handling waste to ensure it’s properly regulated”

Firefighters have been attending a huge blaze in Thoby Lane, Mountnessing, which has been burining since Monday August 18. More than 6,500 man hours have been expended at the site as crews have monitored a controlled burn in a 5,000 tonne pile of scrap wood. More information can be found here:

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