Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


ECFRS host national fire trial event

Yesterday (Wednesday March 23) Essex County Fire and Rescue Service hosted an event to present an update on the results of recent fire trials which have been carried out to examine how different types of large-scale recyclable waste burns.

Representations from the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA), the Environment Agency, Public Health England, industry waste sites, specialist insurers and other fire and rescue services attended.

The fire trials, which started in January 2016, have helped identify how fires which involve a large quantity of waste burn, what can be done to prevent the fires from starting and also what the best firefighting techniques are to tackle them.

The evidence gathered during these trials will be presented by CFOA in a National Operations Guidance document which will then be used by every fire service in the UK and the industry worldwide.

ECFRS has been working with CFOA and partnering organisations to facilitate live burning tests at a site in Barling, Essex. The test are expected to finish later this year.

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