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ECFRS FireBike Better Biking courses feedback

ECFRS’ FireBike ‘Better Biking’ courses are receiving fantastic feedback. To date 100% of people taking part “strongly agreed” that the course was beneficial, relevant and informative.
Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“Andy took the time to teach me, an old dog, new tricks IT SAVED MY LIFE. Towards the end of the ride a car was overtaking another car and was totally on my side of the road.

“If Andy had not gone through road positioning shortly prior to that car's stupid overtake, then after the bend I was coming around I would have met him head on and I'd be seriously injured or dead as my road positioning used to be too near the centre line on bends. In fact my body could have been over the line on left hand bends.

“So now my life insurance policies are still covered in dust and I'm still here to annoy everyone at work and in my home I'd like to say that if your numbers are down for this Sunday’s course then I would gladly make them up for you. I don't believe I could ever say no to that sort of help."

“Very good, informative presentation. Learnt a couple of new things – EMMA [Eyes Moving Mind Alert] and WYLIWYG [Where You Look Is Where You Go]. It’s certainly added to my knowledge”

“Very informative. I learnt so much in a short time. I advise everyone to take this course”

“Thank you for the course today. Me and my son both went away with something. Keep up the good work”

Comments like these inspire our FireBike team to carry on their excellent work and the results speak for themselves - what we do is very worthwhile! Contact our webmaster for more details.

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