Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Detailed locations for a fast response

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is urging 999 callers to make sure they give good location details when they report an incident.

Vague location details will leave crews searching for incidents and can even mean that fire engines are sent from the wrong station wasting valuable time.

Good location details will be more important than ever when The Tour de France comes through Essex on Monday July 7. The race route will see roads closed across the County throughout the day.

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service has relocated fire engines away from stations to make sure that there is adequate fire cover throughout the County on the day, but clear and specific location details will help us make sure that fire engines are sent from the closest location.

Divisional Officer Nigel Dilley said: “If the address we are given is wrong or nonspecific crews have to waste time searching for the incident. For us to make sure that we can get to an incident as quickly as possible it is vital that we are given the correct address.

“This can become a real problem in summer when people report fires they have seen from a long way away. It’s vital that callers give our control operators as much detail as possible when it comes to addresses and locations of incidents.”

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