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DO Terry Webb talks about his experiences in Serbia

Divisional Officer Terry Webb has returned from a gruelling 10 days as part of the international relief efforts in flood hit Serbia.

DO Webb was the team leader in the EU Civil Protection team called in to provide emergency assistance following severe flooding. He headed up an international team which helped to coordinate relief efforts throughout Serbia.

Terry said: “My job was to lead the EU team advising the Serbian government on where relief and rescue efforts could have the most positive impact.

“There were 31,000 people evacuated and more than 100,000 people affected by the flooding. When we first arrived the priority was to prevent flooding from shutting down four power stations which supplied almost all of the country’s power.

“There was one power station in particular which generated around 60% of all the electricity needed in Serbia which was in real danger of being flooded so we began pumping operations immediately and we were successful in keeping all the power stations running; which was essential to all the work we did.”

In his role Terry would switch between dealing with problems on the ground, directing teams and dealing with issues as they arose, to working with politicians and diplomats from across Europe and the world.

“We were the lead agency as part of a worldwide relief effort involving the United Nations and the European Union. It was tiring but extremely satisfying and we could see that what we were doing was having a positive effect for people on the ground.

“The Serbian people were fantastic, they were really resilient and very appreciative of everything everyone was doing. Their emergency services were first class to work with.

“I am proud of the work we did to help Serbia following these terrible floods.”

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