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Cultural Review Statements

Following the today's publication of the Independent Cultural Review of Essex County Fire and Rescue Service the Service and Essex Fire Authority have issued the following statements:

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service

Acting Chief Fire Officer Adam Eckley said: “Essex County Fire and Rescue Service asked for this comprehensive cultural review to be undertaken. As a senior management team we identified a number of fundamental cultural issues that needed to be brought into the open and addressed.
“We welcome today’s publication of the review and we will not shy away from the findings and recommendations, however difficult that may be.
“We will be reviewing the report and its recommendation in the great detail it deserves and then work with the fire authority to implement a process of change.
“Once fully reviewed we will quickly develop a clear action plan to implement the changes that are recommended as soon as possible.”

Essex Fire Authority

Cllr Tony Hedley, Chairman of Essex Fire Authority, said: “Essex Fire Authority commissioned this report following concerns which were brought to us by the fire service, and we would like to thank Irene Lucas CBE for the painstaking comprehensive review she has undertaken.

“The report’s conclusions are obviously disappointing and make for extremely difficult reading. But today is a watershed and because of this report, we will be able to move forward and tackle the issues raised.

“This is a thorough, wide-ranging independent report which takes us to the heart of the challenges we have to tackle. We now need to consider its content and recommendations and put in place an action plan which will secure real cultural change in the service so we can move forward, with confidence, as one team. We intend to bring this forward in October.
“The culture and behaviours outlined in the report are unacceptable, and have no place at any level in the Fire and Rescue Service that Essex deserves and needs.
“No one individual it to blame, but as an organisation we need to look at ourselves, and work together to move in the right direction.
“We will not solve these problems overnight, but Essex Fire Authority is committed to tackling these issues head on for the good of the people of Essex, the service and our staff.”

The report can be found here


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