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Community celebrate Great Baddow Fire Station's 50th birthday

Great Baddow Fire Station opened its doors to hundreds of visitors on Saturday 28 October.

The Fire Station, which was celebrating 50 years of being open, welcomed local residents of all ages to look around the station.

Visitors enjoyed watching demonstrations, looking around and sitting in a variety of fire appliances, safety advice and of course birthday cake.

The crews also welcomed lots of potential recruits who are interested in becoming on-call firefighters when the station converts to an on-call station.

Station Manager Simon Dedman said:

“One of the most rewarding parts of being a firefighter is meeting the local community, which is why we look forward to our open day each year.

“This year was particularly special as not only were we celebrating half a century of our station serving the local community, but we were also welcoming potential new recruits and the next generation of Great Baddow firefighters.”

Last year ECFRS held a public consultation which outlined that Great Baddow Fire Station would change from day-crewed to on-call.

This means instead of having firefighters in the fire station during the day Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, firefighters will respond to incidents when alerted by a pager, just as they already do in Great Baddow between 6pm - 9am on weekdays and the at weekends.

Station Manager Dedman added:

“Great Baddow was an on-call station many years ago, so the conversion from day crew to on-call will bring the structure back full circle.

“This is an exciting time for Great Baddow residents, because the area has a large population the opportunity to sign up and protect your neighbours is available to lots of people – you just need to live or work within five minutes of the station.

“Being an on-call firefighter is a great way to serve your local community while earning extra money at the same time, often alongside your day job.”

There’s still a chance to find out more about becoming an on-call firefighter in Great Baddow. Just drop in any time between 10am - 1pm on Saturday 18 November.

For more information about being an on-call firefighter visit

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