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Clacton pupils receive cycle safety advice following teenager's accident

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service (ECFRS) has been teaching pupils at Clacton County High School the importance of cycle safety after a local teenage cyclist was involved in a serious accident.

Following Tyler Doe’s accident in January, which saw him trapped under a bus and airlifted to hospital, Clacton Sub Officer James Bowyer contacted Clacton County High School to arrange a cycle safety event for pupils.
ECFRS’s road safety team, along with Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP), spoke to 150 students who cycle to and from school about cycle safety; highlighting the importance of wearing a helmet, cycle laws, road positioning, being seen and dangers on the road.

The students then used one of ECFRS's Urban Search and Rescue vehicle (USAR) to explore how an HGV driver’s vision can be impaired due to blind spots.

Duing the event SERP’s maintenance trained staff checked over 100 students' bikes to ensure they were roadworthy.

Following the event Halfords in Clacton donated cycle helmets and hi-vis vests to the school for their Bikeability Level 3 training which takes place later this year.

Richard Blanes, a teacher at Clacton High School, said:

“The event has given the students a valuable insight in to the dangers of cycling and we are looking forward to working with ECFRS and SERP in the near future.”

Sub Officer Kevin Jenner said:

"Cycling is a fantastic activity, with significant health benefits - however, it can also be a risky activity.

“Essex County Fire and Rescue Service and its partners within the Safer Essex Roads Partnership want to raise awareness of the potential risks and consequences of cycling on the roads and to highlight some good practices.

“Our main aim is for people to be safer and more confident on the road.”

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