Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Clacton exercise simulates school fire

Firefighters have carried out an exercise that simulated a major fire at a school.

Crews from Clacton and Frinton took part in Exercise Raven in Ravenscroft Primary School, in Nayland Drive, Clacton, on December 3.

The exercise involved responding to a night-time school fire caused by teenagers with people reported missing inside the heavily smoked building.

Crews wearing breathing apparatus carried out a full search of the school to rescue casualties trapped inside.

The simulation, which involved 12 wholetime and on-call firefighters, was organised by Sub Officer Scott Hepburn and Leading Firefighter Paul O’Kane.

Sub O Hepburn said: “Exercise Raven gave us a fantastic opportunity to test the radio sets on the new breathing apparatus and use the latest thermal imaging cameras.

“The exercise went well and gave all crews the chance to train in heavily smoked logged room to rescue casualties.

“I would like to thank Ravenscroft Primary School for allowing us to use the school building to prepare for a potential life-threatening incident.”

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