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Carbon Monoxide Safety For Campers

A new scheme in Thurrock will see anyone buying a new tent being given advice on how to stay carbon monoxide safe when they are camping.

Local camping supply shops Blacks, Go-Outdoors and Decathlon will give camping carbon monoxide leaflets to all customers who buy a tent in the coming weeks.

Station Officer Tony Howard said: “Following the tragic incident we saw last year where someone lost their life after bringing a barbeque inside their tent.

“These leaflets let people know how they can stay safe from the dangers posed by carbon monoxide when they are camping in their new tents.

“We are coming up to festival season when a lot of people, especially young people, buy new tents so I think this is a great way to make sure that all the people who get a new tent know that carbon monoxide is a real risk for people out camping.”

Station Officer Howard is pictured with Paul Harris, Operations Manager for Decathlon.

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