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Basildon Firefighters receive Chief Fire Officer award

Firefighters from Basildon Fire Station’s Green Watch have been awarded Chief Fire Officer Commendations for carrying out lifesaving activities at a traumatic incident.

The incident took place earlier this year and saw the crew quickly assess a traumatic situation and use their skills and knowledge to work as a team in difficult circumstances.

Chief Fire Officer / Chief Executive Jo Turton and Director of Operations Moira Bruin surprised the watch with a visit and to tell them they were receiving an award.

Jo then handed certificates to Watch Manager Howard Midwood, Crew Manager Jeremy Castle, Firefighter Lyndsey Gymer and Firefighter Finbar Tubby. Deputy Chief Fire Officer Rick Hylton presented Firefighter Cath Smith, who was on an out-duty from Harlow, with her certificate.

Watch Manager Howard Midwood said: 

"You never know what you are going to be faced with, but we train so that we are fully proficient and ready for just about anything.

"Once we had seen what was taking place, everyone was able to put their training into practice and make a difference. It's a credit to the team for making it happen and getting a response from the casualty.

"The Chief Fire Officer Commendations are great recognition for the team and their dedication to be the best they can possibly be and make a difference in the community they serve."

Jo Turton, Chief Fire Officer / Chief Executive, said: 

"It is my absolute pleasure to present Chief Fire Officer Commendations to the team for their actions.

“It was humbling to hear about the decisive action our colleagues took and the incredible teamwork they showed; with every one of them playing a role in trying to save the casualty’s life. They truly are a credit to our Service.”

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