Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Avoid flooded roads

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is warning motorists to take care on the roads today following last night’s heavy rainfall causing areas of flooding across the County.

Since midnight the Service has received more than 200 calls to flooding incidents with calls still coming in as motorists get into trouble by thoughtlessly driving into water.

The main trouble spots are South Woodham, Roxwell, Colchester and Maldon.

Divisional Officer Neil Fenwick said: “Motorists need to make sure that they stay out of trouble by staying out of floodwater on the roads. We are facing a deluge of calls to mindless motorists who have driven into water and got trapped.

“Simply driving into floodwater is always a bad idea, by the time you know that the water is too deep it’s already too late and you, and your car, are trapped.

“Just two feet of water is enough to make a car float and only six inches is enough to reach most exhaust pipes and stall a car. If water gets into a car’s intakes or in the electric the car will simply stop leaving you stranded and stuck.

“We have had a very busy morning and motorists can help us to make sure that we can get our resources to where they are needed most by avoiding floodwater and using a different route instead.”

Never drive into water which is deeper than the centre of their wheels. As well as the dangers of getting trapped the water could be hiding other hazards including damaged road or missing manhole covers.

Motorists should take particular care when crossing fords, these often become flooded and extremely dangerous with fast flowing water.

If you suspect water could be too deep stop the car and get out and check. If it is too deep then find a different route rather than putting yourself in danger.

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