Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Animation brings consultation options to life

A new animation which brings the options for change Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is consulting on to life has been released.

The short video takes viewers through the three options which will set the future shape and role of the fire service here in Essex, explaining the changes found in each of the options in a simple and engaging way.

The Service launched its 12 week consultation on February 1. It sets out three options for change. These options prepare the Service for a future with reductions in incidents, an increased focus on prevention and a commitment to become financially sustainable as reductions in funding continue every year to 2020.

All of the options have a number of common factors including £3 million of extra investment in prevention and protection, additional savings of over £2m from support functions and no fire station closures.

The video has been created as an easy and interactive way to take people through the changes the Service is set to go through so people can have a better understanding of the options before taking part in the consultation.

More than 1,600 people have already completed the online survey. To join them and make your voice heard visit the Essex County Fire and Rescue Service website here.

The consultation will run until April 25.

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