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PHOTOS: Stack fire

Old London Road, Woodham Walter
12/09/2021 @ 21:26
Incident Number: 152157
In attendance: 1 x Maldon

Update 8pm:

Crews worked throughout the day to create a fire break to allow the fire burn under control and left the scene in the care of the farmer at 7:39pm.

Update 1:30pm:

Firefighters remain at the scene to monitor the bales burning in a controlled burn. One crew has remained at the scene throughout the night and today with a relief crew being brought in every four hours. 

Firefighters have spent the night at a stack fire in Woodham Walter. 

On arrival, a crew from Maldon Fire Station reported that 300 tonnes of baled straw was on fire in a field. 

Firefighters have been letting the bales burn overnight during a controlled burn and will continue to monitor the scene throughout the day. 

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Incident Images

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