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PICTURE: Firefighters rescue two dogs from ditch

Brentwood Road, Tilbury
07/06/2021 @ 05:04
Incident Number: 145690
In attendance: 1 x Orsett

Two alsatians were rescued by firefighters after they became trapped in a ditch in Tilbury on Monday morning.

Firefighters worked to safely release the dogs using a triple extension ladder. Fortunately, both animals have avoided injury.

Temporary Watch Manager Terry Myers said: "I'd like to thank our firefighters for their work this morning as well as an ambulance service crew who were nearby and helped us to create an improvised platform for the dogs to climb up during the rescue.

"We're pleased the animals are now safe and sound, back with their owners."

The dogs were rescued by 5.40am.

Pictured with dogs (right): Firefighter Ian Kelley and Firefighter Nathan Butcher.

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