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Kitchen badly damaged in fire

Rayleigh Road, Hutton
29/12/2020 @ 04:08
Incident Number: 136797
In attendance: 1 x Brentwood, 1 x Billericay

Crews extinguished a fire which was caused by an electrical fault with a fridge freezer.

Firefighters from Brentwood and Billericay were called to a detached house in Rayleigh Road, Hutton today at 4.08am.

The occupant had discoverd his fridge freezer alight and got himself and his mum out of the property before calling 999.

When crews arrived they found a well-developed fire.

Watch Manager Peter Dunn said: "The occupant did exactly the right thing when he saw the fire - he got out, stayed out and called 999.

"He also managed to shut the kitchen door on the way out, which reduced how much smoke spread throughout the property. 

"Crews worked hard in extreme heat to extinguish the fire and stop it causing further damage to the house."

There were smoke alarms in the house but the occupant discovered the fire before they sounded.

Watch Manager Dunn said: "As this incident shows, it is worth getting a smoke or heat alarm in your kitchen to act as an early warning.

"It was lucky the occupant woke up when he did because if he hadn't, the fire would have caused much more damage."  

Crews extinguished the fire, which caused severe heat and smoke damage to the kitchen, by 5.06am and then used a fan to ventilate the property, which sustained a small amount of smoke damage.

The cause has been recorded as accidental.

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