Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Dog rescued from mudflats

Two Tree Island, Leigh
24/10/2020 @ 15:55
Incident Number: 133277
In attendance: 1 x Leigh, 1 x Southend

Firefighters rescued a dog which was trapped in mudflats with the tide coming in.

Crews were called to help the Coastguard and RNLI look for a Dachshund at Two Tree Island, near Leigh, today at 3.55pm. 

The dog was located on mudflats at 5.42pm. Rescuers were unable to reach it, due to its distressed state, until it was trapped on a sandbank, at 6.53pm. 

At that point, firefighters from Leigh used their water rescue boat to safely retrieve the dog - about 30 minutes before high tide - and reunite it with its owner.

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