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Firefighters praise neighbours for quick actions

The Drive, Warley
11/03/2020 @ 21:03
Incident Number: 119455
In attendance: 1 x Brentwood, 2 x Basildon

Firefighters have praised the actions of neighbours who acted quickly when hearing their elderly neighbour’s smoke alarms going off.

Crews were called to Warley last night after a neighbour of an elderly man called us with concerns when hearing his smoke alarms.

Another neighbour had managed to help the man out of the property before crews arrived after a portable heater had overheated and filled the property with smoke.

Firefighters gave first aid to the man for smoke inhalation and he was left in the care of the Ambulance Service.

Station Manager Ben Turner from Brentwood Fire Station said: “We’d really like to highlight the quick actions of this man’s neighbours, without them calling us and helping the man to safety, this could easily have been a more serious incident.

“We’d like all Essex residents to be vigilant when hearing smoke alarms, please don’t assume we’ve already been called.

“We’d also like to highlight the importance of having a working smoke alarm, they save lives by alerting you and others to the first signs of fire. If you or someone you know hasn’t got working smoke alarms on every level of your home, we can fit them for free during a home safety visit.”

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