Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Item left on hob catches fire

Marlborough Road, Braintree
06/01/2020 @ 19:25
Incident Number: 115866
In attendance: 1 x Braintree 1 x Old Harlow, 1 x Halstead

Firefighters were called to Marlborough Road in Braintree last night after a neighbour heard smoke alarms going off in a flat.

On arrival, crews reported that a ground floor flat was 100% smoke logged and worked to extinguish the fire around 7:45pm.

The cause of the fire was accidental after an item left on the hob caught alight when the hob was left on while the resident was out.

The kitchen suffered some smoke damage.

Watch Manager Paul Burder from Braintree Fire Station said: “We’d like to remind the public to double check they’ve turned the hob off when they leave the house and to avoid leaving items on the hob. 

“We’d also like to highlight the importance of having working smoke alarms in your home. If the resident didn’t have working smoke alarms, this incident would have caused significant damage.”

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