Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Field fire beside A12 prompts 103 emergency calls

A12, Kelvedon
01/08/2019 @ 14:01
Incident Number: 105761
In attendance: 2 x Chelmsford, 1 x Colchester

Firefighters were called to the scene of a fire in a field close to the A12 this afternoon.

In the space of just 16 minutes, Control operators received 103 calls from passers by and concerned residents to alert them to the fire, which was close to junction 22 (Witham north) on the southbound carriageway.

Firefighters worked hard to extinguish the fire, which measured approximately 30 square metres upon arrival, by 2.24pm.

Both accidental and deliberate are both possibilities with regards to the cause of the fire.

Nick Singleton, Watch Manager at Chelmsford Fire Station, said: "While we can't be certain exactly what caused this fire, it's possible that it was started by a cigarette being carelessly discarded by a driver.

"It's incredibly dangerous to throw smoking materials out of a moving car window - particularly at this time of year, where the fields around roads like the A12 are so dry.

"Please make sure your cigarettes are properly extinguished before you dispose of them - and use an ash tray or appropriate bin when you do so. This fire created a lot of smoke which could easily have made the conditions on this road very unsafe for other road users."

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