Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Kitchen fire - firefighters issue kitchen safety advice

Oakwood Hill, Loughton
03/07/2019 @ 09:24
Incident Number: 103613
In attendance: 1 x Loughton, 1 x London Fire Brigade

Firefighters were called to a kitchen fire in Loughton this morning (Wednesday 3 July).

When fire crews arrived, they reported that the kitchen was full of smoke and a pan on the hob was on fire.

Firefighters managed to quickly extinguish the fire using a dry powder extinguisher and cleared the smoke from the property using a high powered fan.

Acting Watch Manager Bradley Reynolds, Loughton Fire Station said:

"The occupant of the house had turned the hob on, and a pan which had some leftover oil in it quickly heated up and caught alight. Instead of immediately getting out of the house, the occupant put water on the pan which caused a flash of fire which caught the extractor fan alight.

"Putting water on a hot oil fire is the worst thing to do. Thankfully the occpuant was not hurt, but this type of fire can cause serious injury and devastating damage to your home.

"Our advice if anyone has a fire is to get out, stay out and call the fire sevice out.

"This incident also shows the importance of working smoke alarms. Although the property had smoke alarms fitted, they had been covered up. We would never recommend covering up smoke alarm, no matter what the reason (i.e. dust from building works). Smoke alarms can only help save your life if they are in full working order".

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