Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Kitchen fire - dogs and cats rescued

Broad Walk, Hockley
12/06/2019 @ 15:33
Incident Number: 102255
In attendance: 1 x Hawkwell, 1 x Leigh

Firefighters were called to a kitchen fire in a small semi-detached bungalow in Hockley this afternoon (Wednesday 12 June).

When firefighters arrived they reported the fire was in the kitchen and the property was filled with smoke.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the property to quickly extinguish the fire. They found a number of dogs and cats inside so carried them outside to safety. All the animals luckily survived the smoke and fire.

Firefighters managed to extinguish the fire by 4pm.

Watch Manager Gary Shinn, Hawkwell Fire Station, said:

"The resident and the numerous animals have had a very lucky escape today. The property did not have working smoke alarms, and so it took a while for the occupant to be alerted to the fire. They did manage to get out of the hosue before we arrived, but they did suffer from smoke inhalation and was left in the care of the Ambulance Service.

"The fire has caused significant damage to the property and it is been left unhabitable.

"We think the fire was started by one of the animals who accidentally turned on the hob. There was tea towels on top of the hob which then caught alight.

"We want to urge everyone in Essex to have working smoke alarms in their properties. Smoke alarms alert you early that there is a fire, giving you time to get out, stay out and call the fire service out.

"It is also important to never leave anything on top of your hob/oven that could catch fire should your hob get turned on by accident".

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