Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Smoke alarm alerts occupant to kitchen fire

Great Oak Court, Great Yeldham
06/11/2018 @ 13:01
Incident Number: 89653
In attendance: 1 x Halstead, 1 x Clare

Thanks to a working smoke alarm, a house in Great Yeldham has been saved from a potentially devastating fire.

The occupant was home at the time, and when they heard their smoke alarm sounding they managed to get themself safely out of the house.

When fire crews arrived at the property they reported the fire was in the kitchen - but the whole house was full of smoke.Firefighters quickly extinguished the fire by 1:35pm.

Firefighters discovered that the fire started when a shopping bag which was on top of the hob, caught alight because the hob had been accidentally turned on.

Station Officer Steve Byrne, Halstead Fire Station, said:

"It's incidents like this that show how important it is to have a working smoke alarm in your house. It is thanks to their working smoke alarm that the occupant was alerted to the fire immediately so they were able to get out safely. It also meant that they could call 999 and we were able to get to the incident quickly extinguish the fire before it could spread and damage the whole house.

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