Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Two commercial outbuildings and five vehicles alight

Abbess Roding, Ongar
07/07/2018 @ 18:45
Incident Number: 81147
In attendance: 1 x Ongar, 1 x Old Harlow, 2 x Harlow, 1 x Chelmsford, 1 x Loughton, 1 x Epping

Firefighters were called to a fire involving two commerical outbuildings and five large vehicles.

Residents nearby are being advised to close their windows due to the large amount of smoke in the area.

Due to there being possible cylinders inside the buildings, crews have set up a 200m corden around the incident for safety.

*Update 9:15pm* Firefighters report that the fire is surrounded. Crews are making good progress tackling the fire.

*Update 9:30pm* The incident is under control, the incident is preparing to be downsized and four fire engines will continue at the scene extinguishing the fire.

The cause of the fire is unknown. An investigation will be carried out when the fire is completely out.

*Update 10pm* Firefighters are still tackling the fire. Crews are making good progress.

*Update 10:30pm* Firefighters report that they are now turning over and dampening down hot spots. Crews are expected to be on scene for some time to ensure the whole area affected is completely extinguished.

*Update 2am* The fire is now out. Fire crews will stay at the scene for a couple of hourse turning over and dampening down.

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