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Unattended cooking causes flat fire

High Road, Vange
23/04/2018 @ 12:55
Incident Number: 76070
In attendance: 2 x Basildon

Firefighters were called to a flat fire in Vange which had started after cooking was left unattended. 

The homeowners had left a pan boiling on the hob while they went out. The pan began to catch fire and fill the kitchen with smoke. Luckily, a neighbour heard the smoke alarm sounding and called 999.

When firefighters arrived they accessed the flat with a ladder and quickly entered the kitchen and removed the cooking from the hob. 

Thankfully the flat suffered minimal damage. 

Watch Manager Howard Midwood said:

"The homeowners were very lucky in the fact that their neighbour heard the smoke alarm and called us immediately, meaning we were able to stop the fire escalating. 

"This incident shows how important it is not only to have a working smoke alarm, but not to leave cooking unattended."

Smoke alarms save lives. They give you an early warning so you and your family have time to safely get out, stay out and call the fire service out.

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